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Terms of Use


Welcome to the website “Shani Yoga” which is owned and managed by Shani Shmuel. Shani Yoga website is an innovative service for individuals who want to learn about yoga and improve their Yoga skills. Shani Yoga website is offering users to purchase a unique EBook, which will give all users with tools for every level of skills. All of the articulated in these Terms of Use (hereinafter also to be referred to as the “Agreement”) shall be in masculine language solely for purposes of convenience. Use, entry and connection to the website, constitute as an approval that you have read and given your consent to be subject to this agreement and for any notice presented through the website. By using the website services, you agree to become bounded by all terms of service mentioned in this document.  If you disagree to any or all of the terms of use, avoid using the services on the site.

You hereby represent and warrant that you are qualified and competent to engage in this Agreement, and insofar as to the extent that you engage in this Agreement, you hereby represent that you are at least 18 years old. If you do not agree to the aforementioned, you are not permitted to use the website services. Since these Terms of Use are a legal binding contract, it is recommended that you read it very carefully.

1.    Definitions

1.1.    Shani Yoga website: The Shani Yoga website and/or its employees, representatives, management of the website and/or anyone acting on behalf of the Website.

1.2.    The “Users”: the users of the website who are using the website's services or anyone on their behalf.

1.3.    The “Use”, the “Service”: using the website's services, becoming a member, purchasing the EBook, using databases or any other information within the framework of the website.

1.4.    The "service provider" refers to the company that provides Internet services.

2.    Nature of engagement

2.1.     In this agreement, you are engaging with Shani Yoga website, exempt dealer number: 200321628, mail address: 14 Zerubbabel Jacob st, Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel, email address:  hello@shaniyoga.com and the website: shaniyoga.com.

2.2.    The website allows its users to purchase Shani Yoga EBook, and / or using all information presented.

2.3.    Upon the registration to the Service, every User will provide his personal details, such as name and e-mail address.

3.    Limited Liability  

3.1.    Subject to complying with the terms of this Agreement, you are granted with a license to use the website’s Services.

3.2.    Insofar as to the extent that you are interested in implementing the Use for another, you must update him about the terms of this Agreement.

3.3.    The website or anyone on its behalf does not undertake to maintain and/or backup any information that entered into the website. You are solely responsible for maintaining the contents and their backups.

3.4.    The website or anyone on its behalf is permitted to attach the information you provided to the database we conduct in accordance with what has been prescribed in the law.

3.5.    It is strictly prohibited to scan/robotically operate the website or impose an unreasonable burden on its servers. The website does not have an API database and if you are interested in developing interfaces you must receive written approval.

3.6.    The website or anyone on its behalf shall be entitled to terminate its activity at any time, and without notice, and there is no obligation to the availability of the website.

3.7.    The website and/or anyone on its behalf reserve the right not to approve any engagement with certain Users, in the event that the payment provided by the user is not approved, or that the user does not comply with the terms of use of the app/website, or under any other accepted of law.

3.8.    You undertake to provide the website and its users with correct information, and not to mislead, impersonate, defame, infringe privacy, or act against the law.

3.9.    Any information of the website is provided "AS IS" and we do not undertake anything with respect to their accuracy or professionality.

3.10.    Shani Yoga website is not liable for any modification, suspension, discontinuance or lack of availability of the Site in any case.

3.11.    The User, or anyone on his behalf, shall not have any demand and/or claim against Shani Yoga website with respect to any direct/ indirect damage, which was caused due to a reliance on the Service or publications.

3.12.    The website contains links to other internet sites. Nothing contained in these sites indicates the contents or reliability of the other internet sites. Shani Yoga website will not bear any liability in connection with information or services, which appear, on the other internet sites.  

3.13.    The User shall be solely liable for the use of content. Shani Yoga website will not be held liable for any misuse thereof by other users and/or third party.

3.14.    The website or anyone on its behalf, shall not be liable for malfunctions caused by force majeure, cybercrime, intentional/unintentional malfunction, hostile action, war, terrorist act, natural disasters, malfunctions in credit clearing companies, and for any reason whatsoever that is not a result of the activity of the Company, in both in deed and in omission.  

3.15.    Shani Yoga website is not responsible for the engagements with any service provider through the site, is not liable for the quality of the service or the contents provided by the service provider, and it has no connection with any service providers. It is clarified that Shani Yoga website is an independent entity and they are separate and independent entities.

4.    Website's services

4.1.    Any service and/or product, which will be offered for sale on the website, will be placed on a purchase page, where information about that service will be provided ("Purchase Page").

4.2.    Shani Yoga website and/or anyone on its behalf shall not be liable for direct and/or indirect damage caused by the use of the Service and/or product.

5.    Privacy Policy

5.1.    You hereby authorize Shani Yoga website and / or anyone on its behalf to send advertising offers as prescribed in the relevant laws in the country in which the service operates, regarding the Service and any other matter. If you are not interested in receiving advertising materials, please send a notice to the website's management in the manner specified in the Agreement.

5.2.    Within the framework of the Use, Shani Yoga website collects information from the User, including his personal details such as e-mail address and name (hereinafter: “Personal Details”).

5.3.    You hereby grant authorization to Shani Yoga website and/or anyone on its behalf to maintain your details in the website’s database in order to send marketing offers for Shani Yoga website and/or others. In addition, you hereby authorize Shani Yoga website, to trade information and transfer it to the entity that purchased the information from the website, provided that the entity will act according to the law.  

5.4.    Shani Yoga website invests efforts to protect the Users’ Personal Details, for any unauthorized access, however, it is hereby clarified that any technological use which may naturally contain security breaches. Shani Yoga website has no obligation to you that the information cannot be breached by any criminal individuals or otherwise.  

5.5.    Shani Yoga website will transfer any information it received to the competent authority according to the law, insofar as to the extent required or insofar as to the extent a duty is imposed on it according to the law.

5.6.    Selecting the "Contact Us" button followed by filling out the required user's details (including name, email and phone number) in the relevant fields will enable the website to contact the user directly through the above details.

6.    The information presented does not represent professional advice

6.1.    Yoga considered as a sport and therefore can lead to injuries. It is therefore highly recommended to consult a doctor before using this site tools. Shani Yoga website hereby clarifies that Yoga is not a medical method and is not a substitute for any medical treatment.  

6.2.    By reading these terms, you agree that all information published by Shani Yoga website and/or all information published on the EBook is provided for educational purposes only, and it does not replace a professional or medical advice or treatment.

6.3.    In any case of a medical problem, user must consult a doctor and must not rely on the information presented on the website.

6.4.    Shani Yoga website will not be liable for any action taken by you or anyone else in reliance upon any information contained on the Site.

7.    Ownership of Intellectual Property

7.1.    All the rights and/or intellectual property published on the website are proprietary to the company, and are protected according to the law, including, invoices, titles, computer code, matters, objects, characters, names, stories, dialogues, key phrases, locations, ideas, artistic presentations, animations, sound, musical creations, picture effects and sound, operation methods, customers’ lists, market segmentation, Users’ lists, graphics and information provided by the Users, etc.

7.2.    The contents presented on the website are exclusively proprietary to the Shani Yoga website.

7.3.    Shani Yoga website will not be responsible for Member's activity, which may violate the rights of other Users or third parties.

7.4.    Shani Yoga website may take action against the inappropriate behavior, when needed.  

7.5.    Shani Yoga website reserves the right to delete Content according to its considerations and sole discretion.

7.6.    Except for personal use, any reproduction, copy, translation, storage in the database, broadcasting or reception in any manner whatsoever, in any electronic, optic and mechanical measures, or any other measure, unauthorized commercial use, wholly or partially, and/or creating any derivative work of the contents are strictly prohibited, and constitute, inter alia, a criminal offense, civil and contractual wrongdoing.

7.7.    You undertake to maintain copyrights and/or intellectual property and/or other rights for the site according to any law, and abstain from any damage and/or change and/or distort the contents of the website or harm any third party rights whatsoever.

8.    Updating the Terms of Engagement

8.1.    Shani Yoga website reserves the right to update the aforementioned terms, from time to time, according to its sole discretion, without providing any prior notice.

8.2.    Any changes will be required from the date of publication on the website.

9.    Indemnity

9.1.    You undertake to indemnify Shani Yoga website and/ or anyone on its behalf for any claim, damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by it, including attorney's fees and court costs, due to your breach of these Terms of Use.

9.2.    All the more so, if you violate these terms of use, Shani Yoga website will be entitled to disclose your name and details known about you in any legal proceeding and in general, even if no judicial order is given to that effect.

10.    Cancellation of purchase

10.1.    After purchasing a service, the user may not cancel his order. However, if a purchase was made by mistake, the user must notify the website's management within 15 minutes. The website's management reserves the right to refund users according to its considerations and sole discretion, according to the nature of the request.

11.    Jurisdiction

11.1.    Any dispute between the User and Shani Yoga website shall be only adjudicated in the competent court in the district of Tel Aviv, and only according to the Israeli law.

12.    Notices to Shani Yoga website and Service of Process of Legal Documents  

12.1.    Any notice to Shani Yoga website and/or servicing of legal documents to Shani Yoga website shall be deemed to have been delivered only after 7 business days from the date they were sent by registered mail with confirmation of delivery to the address mentioned in the preamble of the Agreement.

12.2.    Delivering documents by registered mail or posting a notice on the entry door to the address registered on the User’s identification card or the address provided to the website shall constitute service of process according to the law, even if the recipient does not permanently reside in this address.  

12.3.    Any mail or legal document that will be sent to the recipient’s address registered in his identification card or address provided to the website shall be deemed to be delivered within 7 business days from the date of delivery.