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How I Found Myself in Spain 3 Years Ago and How I am Going to Find Myself There Again Today

March 21, 2018

About 4 years ago I had to restart my life completely.

I left a job I that wasn't right for me and a 4 year relationship that was continuously breaking me down. 

I was lost and scattered all over the place, trying to regain all the self-esteem that was gone, building myself bits and pieces at a time.

A year later, when I had already found a job that I loved and was surrounded by people who uplifted me, I needed travel alone in order to get a closure for my recovery process. 

Spain was an easy choice for many reasons, and it also proved to be the right one.

I planned a 2 weeks journey, booked a flight and I was out. Traveling from one place to another by train, I was ready to take on the adventure.

I went from Madrid to Segovia to Oviedo to Zaragoza to Valencia and back to Madrid, just me and my suitcase and the beautiful and loving people of Spain.

I was walking endlessly wherever I went to, 6-7 hours each day, falling in love with the sights, the nature , the independent feeling I had, the markets, the smells.

I fell in love with how each city was completely different than the other.

I fell in love with how welcoming the people were; how they helped me get to places, told me stories about the history of Spain or just offered kind words as we crossed paths.

I came back home stronger, more focused and definitely more capable of putting the past behind me and starting anew.


Today I'm leaving to Spain for a little less than week to teach backbend workshops. 

A completely different person from that scared girl I was 3 years ago, with new goals and new dreams, but knowing the same love that wrapped me there 3 years ago is still waiting for me now.

Can't wait to see you soon!


I'm leaving you with some of my favorite photos from my trip 3 years ago, 

but will share the new ones as I get back!














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Have a beautiful day,





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