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Meeting Bendy Friends From Around the World

June 14, 2018

One of the things I love the most about my practice is that there's never a dull moment - I always look for new poses to reach and all the ways I can get to them.

Whenever I do feel like I practice the same things over and over again for a while, I look for inspiration on Instagram, where I find not only talented yogis who can do the unimaginable, but also many other professional athletes from all over the world.


Kasia Extend Yourself is a woman who I was lucky to find through these searches- she's a pole dancer teacher, and contortionist and she makes beautiful shapes through these practices.

Besides admiring the photos she takes, I also love the positive messages she talks about in her posts, and so when I saw she was visiting Israel to teach I sent her a message right away, not wanting to miss the opportunity to meet and learn from her.


We met for lunch and photo shoot a few days later with two other stunning women - Vita Hin who's a pole dancer and studio owner in Eilat, and Arina Anira, also a pole dancer and a professional photographer who lives in Austria.

These ladies are not only talented and hard working, but also funny, gracious,

kind and gave me the feeling that we've known each other for forever.

We talked about their journeys here, about their work, personal life and most of all we were all happy to be together and their laugh was contagious.

I was also very fortunate to be able to learn so much from them - as my practice and studies are mostly from the yoga world with some gymnastics influences, any new direction is a chance to grow and evolve.


Kasia and Vita's are both very flexible and have beautiful dancer moves, and seeing them in action was even more inspiring than seeing their still photos. They taught me also about aesthetics of photos, even small things that I would never have noticed like having the same leg behind the other (as shown in the photo). These little things make the end results different and I feel so grateful for all the small adjustments they did with patience and love. 



Arina's work as a photographer mesmerized me; when I take my own photos, I work usually from the front and do the pose exactly as I'd do it in my practice. Arina searched all over the beach for nice places to shoot, and even then she studied all the different angles and lights she could use to get the best photos possible.

Her photography talent combined with her pole experience proved to be helpful and creative while she directed our not-yoga moves, and for a few hours I felt like a dancer.



After a few hours the light was fading and we had to sadly say goodbye, but I'm grateful for the new friendship that was made that day and looking forward to meeting them all again! 



You can find for yourselves all these amazing ladies through these links below:

Kasia Extend Yourself



Vita Hino

Personal Instagram

Studio Instagram


Arina Anira Photography (who took all the photos in this blog post)

Official Website



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