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How to Galvasana (variation of Flying Pigeon pose)

February 19, 2018

If you want to spice up your arm balance practice, this variation will not fail you.

Galvasana, or Flying Pigeon, is an intense hip opening, core and arm balancing pose that requires concentration and coordination.

I've been very intrigued by arm balances for these reasons for a long time, so when I saw this variation, of one hand in baby crow and the other in tripod headstand, on Instagram a few days ago I knew I had to try it!


Warm-ups that are essential to this pose:

  • Hip flexors: One Legged Pigeon, Low Lunge, Happy Baby, Baddha Konasana.

  • Core: Navasana, crunches, Russian twists and basically anything you can find!

  • Arm strengthening: Crow, Twisted Crow, Side Plank, Titibasana (Firefly), Tripod Headstand.

  • Shoulder opening: Dolphin and Dolphin Plank.

  • Twists: Marichiyasana C, twists in Low Lunge, twist in Malasana (squat).

Now that we're warmed up -

Step-By-Step Instructions


Place your leg in Pigeon on your knee as if you're sitting in a cafe, place your hands on the mat and squat down.

Place the hand that's on the foot side inside (that's why we warmed up with twists) and 'hug' the armpit with the foot - keep them close together throughout the entire pose.


Lower the upper body down and place the hands on the mat so that the elbow of the hand that's in Baby Crow is in line with the hand that's next to the foot.

Lean your knee on the upper arm (Baby Crow's) and tuck in the lower belly and look a little forward of your hands.

Start lifting slowly so that you lean a little bit forward but also lifting yourself from the core- the weight should be distributed so there's more core work than leaning so you won't face-plant.

Keep a steady gaze and lift the bum up. 

Lift the toes slowly from the ground while the core is still working, belly inside.

Once you're balanced start straightening the leg and lengthening the head forward and leg straight up and back.



Grab a link from my eBook on backbends:

 Love of Backbends here


Have a blessed day,





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