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Learning to love ourselves through the yoga practice

October 26, 2017


We know what it means to love others- think about them, care for them, provide them with what they need, hug and embrace them no matter what.

So simple, yet when it comes to treating ourselves this way, suddenly this concept is hard. It's so hard that many books were written about it, support groups opened, not to mention the millions of therapy sessions…

Our minds give us the privilege to enjoy emotions, to be happy for us and for others or capture and enjoy feelings that the best camera in the world couldn't. But with all these positive emotions there are also some very dark ones, which like a wine stain is on a white shirt, can take over and are very hard to get rid of.

For me, this stain was sometimes so big and my brain worked overtime thinking of all that is wrong, and how I couldn't get so many things right. And then came my yoga practice.

In the first classes, along with the asana practice, we learned the breath practice and how every movement had its own special inhale and exhale. This concentration on the practice, of breathing in and out, just made all the things that were on my mind that day disappear. For an hour and a half that was all I could think of, and eventually when I the class ended things got clearer.

When things are clearer, it's a lot harder for the bad thoughts to take ahold, and you start seeing a lot of things in a brighter light and that includes yourself.

Throughout the three years I've been practicing I've become a lot less judgmental towards myself. When I come to practice I free myself, every day a little bit more, of the walls and opinions I formed about myself, and I learn to treat and talk to myself as I would talk to my loved ones.

So even if you're not into crazy poses, there are so many forms of yoga to learn, and so much to be gained from it. Having the opportunity to appreciate ourselves and the life we were given is not a privilege, it's a necessity.


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Have a blessed day,





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