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Love of Backbends the Ebook

October 23, 2017


When I first saw photos of yogis in backbend poses, I was sure that the way to do them is simply to make your spine more flexible and you're there.


I was gravely mistaken, because:


Physically, the back can only bend so much

A lot of the 'folding' that we see in these backbend poses actually comes from other areas of the body- from open shoulders, strong and flexible hips to hold us in place and help us elongate the spine and a strong core so we don’t collapse into the lower back or that we can balance ourselves in inversions.

If we focus only on bending the back, we will never go so far and even worse, cause injuries to our body.


Backbends hold a big element of fear​

Kicking into handstand next to the wall is fun, right? It's energizing and although we only have our two palms to hold our entire body, we have a lot of love for it and can hop for a long while, sometimes without even warming up.

In backbends, for a lot of people, fear and even a sense of suffocation creep up, even though our chest is wide open and a lot of air can flow in and out from our lungs.


I would like say in advance that this Ebook was written for people who have been practicing for over a few months (or if you're just very comfortable in Wheel pose) and would like to take their practice to the next level.


For these reasons, and my love to yoga and backbends in particular, I wrote this Ebook.


I broke it down to a few chapters, each offering a few poses and exercises that will help strengthen and elongate the parts of the body in a way that will be beneficial to your backbend practice: the core, hip strengthening and opening, shoulder opening and lighter backbends to help you test if you are ready to go any further.


I build the manual this way for a few reasons:



Every body type is different

more shoulder opening exercises, while others need to strengthen the hips. The body needs to be as balanced as possible before going into backbends, so find the parts that need more attention and work on them.


Helps building a backbend practice

This Ebook centers around five main poses, but it can be a base to many other poses that are not listed here and that you find interesting.


Doing it the safe way

You will have step-by-step instructions to each exercise so you can practice it safely, and slowly build up to the backbend poses. It was written this way because in my practice, the relation of warm up to backbend poses is around 80-20, and that's my recommendation to you.


Conquering fear

Because this Ebook has such a long build up, by the time you get to the backbends you're all warmed up and ready to go! You will feel more confident and it will seem just an extension of your practice instead of a pose that will determine if you're a good yogi or not. You made it this far and that's amazing by itself!


I also offered a lot of options to each backbend pose, especially being supported by the wall. It's a 'prop' that everyone has, and it supports you so you can back up and away from a pose easily whenever you're not comfortable, or you can just stay at the point you're at and BREATHE, which will take the stress off.


To conclude, here are a few ideas of what you can expect by practicing with the help of this Ebook

It has a lot of thorough advice, written in an easy language with photos that describe the steps you need to take in each exercise.

It will help you to progress, but it will not happen in one day so there's a level of dedication needed.

That said, each body is built differently so please proceed with caution, you should aim for the progress, not the end pose. I promise you, no reward is handed to you once you arrive.

I highly recommend not going over the same poses/exercises every single day or over 3-4 times a week for the simple reason that you will exhaust your muscles and injuries might occur. There are many exercises listed and you can mix it up in many ways!


Have fun!!! The yoga practice is a beautiful path to know yourself, what your boundaries are and when you can soar.

Learn to love yourself, with patience.


So save the date!

The Ebook comes out on November 1st!!!


Have a blessed day,





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