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I Love Backbends

October 19, 2017

My journey with backbends wasn't love at first sight.

The first few months of my Yoga practice, although very enjoyable, were also very challenging in the physical sense.

From the start I practiced 5-6 days a week, introducing my body to new poses when it was so tight form years of being a runner and working at a desk job. I was going through the motions, trying to keep up, but at the same time just trying to survive too.

I remember how Pigeon pose put so much strain on my leg, or how I hopped 20 times next to the wall trying to get into a headstand. I remember lifting to Wheel put so much strain on my hands and back, and how I couldn't even breathe in Bow pose.

I was embracing and absorbing the practice and I loved how it changed me, both physically and mentally. I felt so good after every class in the studio and later when I started practicing at home.

But after a while I got curious.

I started looking online for new classes; I found the ones that challenged me and that I related to the most and kept doing them until I felt comfortable enough.

Later I started looking for new poses, and I found myself drawn to backbends like Pigeon, Kapotasana and Scorpion in Pincha.  I was still a beginner, so I faced a great challenge in finding out which body parts I had to work in order to get to them, and there are so many.

Every day when I walked on the mat I tried new preparatory poses to strengthen and open my body, and at the end of each practice I would give the poses I liked 1 or 2 tries.

I fell so many times from Pincha, or was unable to reach my feet in any backbend pose for a very long time. But every time I could see a small improvement, not necessarily towards my goal poses but also with my attitude towards life, so I kept going.

And one day I reached my foot in Pigeon, another day the feet in Kapotasana and was even to get to Scorpion in Pincha without the wall.

I was very happy to reach these poses, but the process itself was so intriguing and from that time I continued my journey, building new flows and taking notes from other Yoga styles like Ashtanga and Yin that helped me grow from the inside out.

I know that especially as a beginner this could look like a very long and scary road, but if done safely with caution it can be a very enjoyable one, even if you don't reach all the poses in the end.

The journey to learning more about yourself what really all about.

Next week I will post about the Ebook that's about to come out and what you can expect to find in it.

Don't forget to check in on November 1st!!!


Have a blessed day,





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