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Love of Backbends the Ebook - Who might it be useful to?

Love of Backbends is a guide for the more seasoned practitioner who feels like they want to deepen their backbend practice even more but not sure how.

The poses and exercises aren't supported by props, only with the help of the wall.

What will I be able to find on the Ebook?

Love of Backbends offers a variety of exercises to implement into your practice.

The aim is to work the entire body and not just the lower back, so that your backbends as peak pose will be more advanced and your practice will be a safer one. 

Will the exercises guide me only toward the final 5 poses described?

No, the final 5 poses are just a fun way to set your goals, but the range of exercises is very wide so you can work on any backbend you had in mind and progress through it.

Do I need to do all the exercises detailed in one practice every day?

Definitely not. There large number of exercises makes it impossible to do in one practice, and they're offered this way so you can build many diverse practices. 

Also, if we repeat the same exercise every day we might cause repetitive stress injuries, so please use with caution and let your body rest. This is also a part of the practice.

Will I be able to reach the deepest level of poses with the Ebook?

Every person is different, with their practice and the way their body is built. We all have different structures and might not get to the deepest level of all poses.

What the Ebook can and will do is help you progress and deepen your practice.

Can I view the Ebook on my mobile phone?

Yes, the file is in a PDF format and can be viewed from any device that has an Adobe Reader.

The download link isn't working, what should I do?

Sometimes the download will have trouble downloading on your mobile phone, please try downloading from a PC and if it's still not working contact me at hello@shaniyoga.com

Can I pay only with PayPal?

For now yes, if you don't have it it's very easy to do:


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email me hello@shaniyoga.com