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Visit my YouTube channel to check out the new video, where we'll be learning how to use a chair for backbends!

Excited to share with you my YouTube channel, where you can find lots of stretching drills, how-to's and tutorials.

One of the things I love the most about my practice is that there's never a dull moment - I always look for new poses to reach and all the ways I can get to them.

Whenever I do feel like I practice the same things over and over again for a while, I look for inspiration...

The last day of our journey was spent at Park Güell doing some more photo shoots by Xavi Moya with Natalia and her adorable and yogi daughter, Gala, which is a natural born yogi and model! 

If you're ever looking for a place to take photos while you're in Barc...

We arrived back to Barcelona in the evening when it was already raining, went back to the hotel quickly and fell asleep, excited toward the workshop I was teaching the next day.

I woke up that Sunday with a ton of butterflies in my stomach, both excited and nervous abou...

After the day in Barcelona, mom and I packed again and headed for a 3 hour trip by train to Valencia in the morning.

Traveling Spain with a train is a great option- there's a lot of room to put both your bags and legs, you can sleep throughout the drive and it gets you...

Two weeks ago I wrote about my solo trip to Spain 3 years ago.

In the next coming blogs I will share my experience as a traveling yoga teacher - only this time I was all but alone.

First off, as last minute magic always is, my mom wanted to join me and we were lucky enou...

One of my biggest hobbies is cooking; I love how creative I can get, smelling and tasting new things and mixing them all together.

These days I don't usually have so much time to invest in it, so I've come up with a few recipes that are both easy to make and turn out de...

Offering some tips and advice to help you progress in your yoga practice.

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